3DS emulation used to be something many of us had just wished for, however the great team over at citra have been working for years on it and although the game selection is limited it is still getting closer and closer.

With a total of 140 games in testing they currently have 31 games running perfectly, 51 games considered "great", 13 which are ok, 14 bad then the rest are just running up to the menus and are just unplayable or unbootable. If you haven’t already tried downloading your favorite 3ds roms, have a look on for their games compatibility list, it's worth having a read of the FAQ before trying to run it in case you run into any issues as this is still in early production.

If you are having any issues running citra 3ds emulator on your system then feel free to contact us, we will soon be creating guides for the citra 3ds.