Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get. For more in-depth tutorials and guides head over to our guides section where we will be posting regular tutorial and guides on how to use emulators

Absolutely! there is a wide range of emulators which are now ios and android compatible, many available to download direct from the stores. While not all newer consoles will work perfectly, there is a massive selection.
In order to provide downloads at high speed, we package our roms using a "Download Manager", this will be a tiny .exe file that will show you 2-3 adverts before downloading your rom and offer additional installs such as toolbars, You have complete control over what is installed. You can simply click decline on every offer and just download the selected rom.
Most problems will be very simple to fix and a quick google of the problem will usually bring up an anwser to your question. If you still can't get it working after checking google then feel free to send an email and if we can help we will.
We have to select our free hosts very carefully as we have around 8TB of files that are uploaded. We tend to go towards hosts where we can have direct contact with them to make things easier, we can only work with free hosts that have a compatible API to allow our scripts to manage the links on the website.
We compress all our files using the most popular compression software available, WinRAR ( we do this for multiple reason, 1) The file sizes are smaller when you download them which makes them quicker to download. 2) The files take up less storage space on our servers. 3) We use less bandwidth every month.
We scan every single file hosted on this website and have never had a negative scan on any of our files. So rest assured all our files are completely safe to download.
If you have a file which you think other people would be interested in then feel free to send us an email and we can try and add it to the website.
We no longer offer payments for image uploads, however if we find individuals contributing a lot of time to improve our website we really appreciate it. We plan to have giveaways of voucher codes and premium codes for file hosts, you will be able to hear about them on our social media.

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